Book Saw Sharpening

Give Galt Wood Tool (GWT) your dull blades and bits and we’ll return your cutting edges to like new condition.


GWT is your go-to for high-quality saw sharpening and exceptional customer service. Our service is guaranteed to return your cutting edge to new, or better-than-new, condition.

We provide precision sharpening and carbide retipping services to restore your products so you can achieve maximum performance and quality results — and we offer free pickup, free delivery, and fast turnaround.

If you need any support with your restored product, contact our team and we’ll work through any concerns with you.

Using the form below, request everything you need sharpened or retipped. Please include the quantity of each item.


  • 1 blade 10″ x 60 Tooth
  • 2 router bits
  • hand saw

If our team has any questions, we will follow up with you.