A Rich History of Service Excellence

In 1868, Samuel J. Shimer of Milton, Pennsylvania, invented a new type of cutter head with replaceable knives for use on a Matcher in his Planing Mill. Samuel J. Shimer and Sons Inc. was formed and obtained over ninety unique cutter head patents. A Canadian branch in Galt, Ontario was established in 1909.

The company became Canadian owned in 1913 as Shimer Cutterhead Co. of Canada Ltd. and was recognized as a major Forest Products and Woodworking industries supplier. In 1956, the factory was reorganized under the “Galt” name and utilized tungsten carbide to manufacture and service carbide-tipped saw blades, knives and cutters. The company also became the exclusive Canadian distributor of equipment from the U.S.A. and Europe.

In 1989 Galt Wood Tool was reorganized as Galt Wood Tool 1989 Limited under the ownership and management of the long serving key employees. The company has always maintained focus on the manufacturing and service of industrial quality wood cutting tools. We take great pride in our commitment to customers large & small who deserve only the best quality product & service.